• Minga tjuta (tourists) climbing Uluru by Niningka Lewis
  • Tjulpu kulunypa by Carlene Thompson
  • Piltati by Tjimpuna Williams
  • Kampurarpa - Bush tomato by Elizabeth Dunn
  • Old days in Ernabella by Niningka Lewis
  • Tjala - Honey ants by Lynette Lewis

Our Country in Clay

02 June - 24 June 2017


An exhibition of ceramic works by Ernabella’s leading women artists Tjunkaya Tapaya, Carlene Thompson and Niningka Lewis, alongside works by rising stars Elizabeth Dunn, Tjimpuna Williams, Janice Stanley and Lynette Lewis. Tjunkaya and Niningka have made a recent return to ceramics after focusing on painting and tjanpi weaving for several years.


Created in the Pukatja Pottery Studio the works featured include both hand built and thrown forms and the use of terra sigillata (a locally collected unrefined clay slip). The works depict stories of tjukurpa (law) and ngura (country), including the important Seven Sisters dreaming, tjulpu (bird), tjala (honey ant) and kumparumpa (bush tomato) tjukurpa as well as depictions of mission days stories.


‘Ara irititja (long ago) we told our stories in the sand, women sitting down, sharing stories of law and country. Today we tell these stories through painting, weaving and also in clay. We mark our pots with tjukurpa, cultural stories that tell us of our ancestors and guide our way of life. We create walka (line, pattern/design) that celebrate our country, all the beautiful colours, animals and mai wiru (good food).’


Tjunkaya Tapaya, senior artist and Ernabella Arts Chair

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