• Annie Mulunwanga, Kun-ngad (billabong), screen print, 50 x 68 cm.
  • Barbara Kurrawalwal, Kun-djule (shade), screen print 50 x 68 cm.
  • Marawarr, Koringkarri, screen print, 50 x 68 cm.
  • Sandra Milmilkama, Kun-red Merlemerle Karralkan (bush with butterflies), screen print, 50 x 68 cm.

Seasons Folio

04 August - 26 August 2017


Presented by Nomad Art in conjunction with Darwin Festival, Maningrida Arts and Culture and Bábbarra Women’s Centre.

An historic suite of nine silkscreen prints by:

Sandra Milmilkama, Susan Marwarr, Leah Rostron
Annie Mulunwanga, Jay Rostron, Barbara Kurrawalwal
Vicky Brown, Helen Lanyinwanga, Lena Kuriniya.


Produced in 1999, this series of nine silkscreen prints is inspired by the cycle of six seasons in the tropical climate of north central Arnhem Land where the artists live. The prints are depictions of specific places at specific times of year, showing the vegetation and animals which are associated with that time and place.




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