• Before the Clearing - hand-bound artist's book, 26 x 58 cm.
  • At first just the names disappeared, detail, etching, 25 x 57 cm.
  • Stamping out the Dreaming, etching, 25 x 57 cm.
  • Fish trap at Nathan River, detail, etching, 25 x 57 cm.
  • Here the drooping tea tree, etching, 25 x 57 cm.
  • Leichhardt Dreaming, etching, 25 x 57 cm.
  • Leichhardt at the Monoliths, etching, 25 x 57 cm.
  • Singing for country, detail, etching, 25 x 57 cm.
  • The giant orb weaver, detail, etching, 25 x 57 cm.

Before the Clearing by Simon Normand

19 July - 01 October 2017


Limited edition, hand bound artist’s book – $9,000

Edition of 10


Before the Clearing featuring 13 hand coloured etchings by Simon Normand and 13 corresponding maps and journal entries from Ludwig Leichhardt’s epic journey from Queensland through the gulf country and Kakadu to Port Essington in 1845.


Ludwig Leichhardt was the first European to explore this country, now known as the Savannah Way. He documented his journey through the remarkable, but now largely uninhabited landscape in carefully scripted field books, recording the botany, geology and the lie of the land.


“This book aims to acknowledge the descendants of people that still live along Leichardt’s path between the Gulf Country and Kakadu. It aims to show that, although so much has been taken away and lost, the country is far from empty.” Simon Normand, November 2016.


Before the Clearing is on show at the Northern Territory Library, Parliament House until 1 October. Simon Normand will be giving an artist’s talk at 6pm on August 9. The Parliament House exhibition features several artefacts  which have been specially made by the artists at Ngukurr Arts and that the Limmen Rangers and elders from the roper region have provided special objects for the collection boxes in the library.



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