• Artist: Natasha Pompey
  • Art Centre: Iwantja Arts
  • Region: Central Australia

Artwork Story

Natasha Pompey

Birth Date: 12/09/1976

Skin: Pinuka

Language: Pitjantjatjara

Place of Birth: Alice Springs

Natasha liked to go to school. She grew up in Mimili and so went to school there. When she was old enough she

went to Witja and then Woodville Schools in Adelaide.

Natahsa met her husband in Kanpi and has two small children. She cannot always come to the art centre, but

when she does she says” I have fun, I like talking to friends’.

When asked what she likes to paint , ” I like to paint country; hills and creeks, rockholes and widl flowers with

bright cheerful colours.”

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