• Djurrih Kawokbebme,  Liverpool River. Ankung Kunred –Wild Honey Country. Image courtesy MAGNT.
  • Djabidj Bakoluy waterhole, Mok clan estate. Image courtesy MAGNT
  • Allan Nadjamerrek - Kuluybirr (Saratoga)
acrylic and ochre on paper, 51 x 76cm
  • Maralngurra (Maath) Nadjamerrek - Ngurrudu (Emu)
acrylic and ochre on paper, 76.5 x 51cm
  • Maralngurra (Maath) Nadjamerrek - Yawk Yawk (Freshwater Spirit)
acrylic and ochre on paper, 76.5 x 51cm
  • Namarnyilk (Gavin) Nadjamerrek - Ngalmangiyi (long-necked turtle)
acrylic and ochre on paper, 76 x 51cm
  • Manme Mayh exhibition in Nomad Art Darwin

Manme Mayh: Gardens of the Stone Country

04 August - 01 September 2012

Manme Mayh: Gardens of the Stone Country explores the links between Indigenous cultural heritage, environment and aesthetic traditions of artists from the Stone Country of western Arnhem Land through food and plants (manme) and animals (mayh).


The artists selected for this project represent a small and unique group of senior and emerging and artists who are actively maintaining the distinctive practise associated with the traditions of rock art painting in western Arnhem Land and the knowledge it purveys. The artists are Kalarriya Jimmy Namarnyilk (dec), Don Namundja, Allan Nadjamerrek, Maralngurra (Maath) Nadjamerrek, Namarnyilk (Gavin) Nadjamerrek and Ray Nadjamerrek


The Stone Country of Western Arnhem Land also known as the plateau country adjoins Kakadu National Park. The rocky outcrops of the escarpment dominate the landscape while adjacent floodplains, permanent rivers and billabongs are abundant with life of countless species of animals and plants.


Manme Mayh: Gardens of the Stone Country focuses on the native plants and animals integral to the culture and traditions of the Kunwinjku speaking people. The exhibition highlights cultural associations the Kunwinjku people have with species that include the echidna, possum, fruit bats, the kangaroo, black wallaroo, rock-rat, Oenpelli python, water lilies, crocodiles, turtles, fishes, yams, and other plants that provide both food and tools.


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