• Warlawoon Country, etching by Rammey Ramsey
  • Branding Iron, etching by Rammey Ramsey
  • Warlawoon2 Country, etching by Rammey Ramsey
  • Untitled, etching by Rusty Peters
  • Gum Creek, etching by Freddy Timms
  • Purnululu – Bungle Bungles, etching by Phyllis Thomas

Jirrawun: A Legacy in Print

06 December - 31 January 2015

Nomad Art features the recent arrival of etchings by some of the key artists from the renowned Jirrawun Arts. Based in Wyndham, Western Australia from 1998 to 2010 Jirrawun Arts was a galvanising period in the history of East Kimberley art, helping to establish the careers of many of Australia’s leading contemporary Aboriginal artists.


Created in a series of workshops between 2004-05, the works here by Rammey Ramsey, Phyllis Thomas, Freddie Timms and Rusty Peters depict ancestral stories and significant sites with their signature minimalist and striking compositions.


Now represented by Warmun Art Centre, works by these senior artists are held in most of Australia’s major public and private galleries. They are also represented in significant collections overseas. These early etchings were an important step in the development of the unique East Kimberley style, and represent a series of important historical moments in the development of their individual works.


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