• Little Mangrove, etching by Anne McMaster
  • Melville Island Mangrove, lino print & etching by Anne McMaster
  • Weedy Sea, relief, etching, drypoint, chine colle by Jacqueline Gribbin
  • Under Cover, relief, etching, drypoint, chine colle by Jacqueline Gribbin

In the Frame

01 December - 27 January 2018


Featuring new work by Anne McMaster, Jacqueline Gribbin and Winsome Jobling. Plus from the stockroom, a selection of framed prints reduced for the months of December and January and unframed prints from Northern Editions print making studio. Contact the Gallery for more information 08 8981 6382.


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Anne McMaster

Jacqueline Gribbin

Winsome Jobling

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  • My Favourite Bush Tucker, natural pigment on canvas, 60 x 60 cm
  • Binjin - Bush Tucker, screen print, 25 x 25 cm
  • Binjin Bush Tucker, screen print, 25 x 25 cm
  • Gloria Mengil, ceramics collection

Mayeng – Bush Tucker

03 November - 25 November 2017


An exhibition of ochre paintings, ceramics, prints and textiles by Miriwoong artist Gloria Mengil from Waringarri Arts in the Kimberly. The images represent her favourite bush tucker (bush plum and bush peanut), and evoke memories of the nostalgic joy of gathering these foods as a child with her family.


In her work Gloria depicts ‘Bush Peanut’ and ‘Bush Plum’- a favourite bush tucker she gathered as a child. Bush peanuts are plentiful throughout the year, although “…you need to know where to find them… They are delicious when roasted on hot coals.” “Bush plums are everywhere during the wet season and are eaten raw…. They are also good for making into a bush jam.”


The abundance of bush foods, now compromised by agricultural expansion in the region, means Gloria now rarely eats these traditional bush tucker. Her lyrical, intricate depictions are a nostalgic celebration of bush tucker collecting and a hope that these nuts and fruits can be protected for future generations to enjoy.


In early 2016 Waringarri Aboriginal Arts embarked on a creative partnership with Jam Factory Contemporary Craft in Adelaide. These quality, hand thrown plates of terracotta and stoneware blend, glazed then fired with Gloria Mengil’s unique decal design, individually developed for each plate, are one of the fruitful results of this exciting collaboration. My Favourite Bush Tucker 2017 are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.


Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, situated at the heart of Miriwoong Country in Kununurra, is the first wholly indigenous owned art centre established in the Kimberley and one of the oldest continuously operating art centres in Australia supporting economic independence for artists and their community.


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  • Ganybu, linocut by Rerrkirrwaŋa Munuŋgurr
  • Destiny, linocut by Wukun Wanambi
  • Djanda, linocut by Bawaka Yunupiŋu
  • Gurrumu, etching by Mulkun Wirrpanda

New prints from Yirrkala Print Space: 2017

06 October - 29 October 2017


Buku Larrnggay Mulka at Yirrkala community in Arnhem Land has a long and proud history as one of Australia’s premier Aboriginal art centres and printmaking studios.


The dedicated print studio was built in the Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre in 1996. The space was established through collaboration between the Centre and master printer Basil Hall. Since its opening, Yolngu printmakers have been printing full time and passing down these skills to new generations of young Yolngu printmakers.


Yirrkala Print Space has fostered engagement with younger Yolngu print makers, particularly disengaged youth. The print studio continues to develop the skills for printmaking in these young emerging artists as well as established Yolngu artists of renown.


Yirrkala Print Space also continues to expand its collaborations with master printmakers from across Australia and around the world. Basil Hall has maintained his relationship with the artists at Yirrkala and has assisted and mentored its development and that of the artists. Examples of these are the recent Seven Sisters Project and The Djalkiri Project initiated by Nomad Art Gallery in 2010 and 2012.


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Exhibitions Archive

Ngini Parlingarri Amintiya Ningani (past, present future)

New prints from Jilamara Arts and Crafts   In April 2017 a group of younger and older generation artists visited the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory to view a selection of the Tiwi collection of objects and images, to garner inspiration for a major print workshop. Working in collaboration with senior printer […]

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Karridjowkke Kunronj – Crossing Streams

  Presented by Nomad Art in conjunction with Darwin Festival, Maningrida Arts and Culture and Bábbarra Women’s Centre. Opening 3.00pm, Thursday 10 August   Karridjowkke Kunronj – Crossing Streams brings together five established female artists from the Kuninjku homelands of western Arnhem Land. The works integrate time-honoured traditions of art making with contemporary imagery. Deborah […]

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Seasons Folio

  Presented by Nomad Art in conjunction with Darwin Festival, Maningrida Arts and Culture and Bábbarra Women’s Centre. An historic suite of nine silkscreen prints by: Sandra Milmilkama, Susan Marwarr, Leah Rostron Annie Mulunwanga, Jay Rostron, Barbara Kurrawalwal Vicky Brown, Helen Lanyinwanga, Lena Kuriniya.   Produced in 1999, this series of nine silkscreen prints is […]

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Before the Clearing by Simon Normand

  Limited edition, hand bound artist’s book – $9,000 Edition of 10   Before the Clearing featuring 13 hand coloured etchings by Simon Normand and 13 corresponding maps and journal entries from Ludwig Leichhardt’s epic journey from Queensland through the gulf country and Kakadu to Port Essington in 1845.   Ludwig Leichhardt was the first […]

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Mayhmayh – a suite of paintings by Graham Badari

  This suite of 14 paintings illustrate Graham Badari’s forthcoming book Mayhmayh – Different Birds   Mayh is the Kunwinjku generic word for birds and mayhmayh is the plural. When asked to provide a title for his forthcoming book featuring birds found in West Arnhem Land Graham Badari suggested Mayhmayh and explained it meant “different birds”.     […]

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Mayhmayh – Different Birds

  Selected works on paper, bark and hollow logs by Injalak artists including Graham Badari, Gabriel Maralngurra, Thompson Nganjmirra and Joe Guymala.   All artworks depict species of birds commonly found in Western Arnhem Land going about their daily business. Many of the anecdotes the artists tell about the birds are quirky, explaining characteristics that […]

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Kieren Karritpul

  Karritpul paints subjects associated with the traditional culture and knowledge of his clan. His work is an exploration of the woven line in painting and design.   Karritpul grew up watching his mother and grandmother collecting, dyeing and weaving pandanus and sand palm (merrepen) fibre. As they worked he would listen to the stories they […]

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Our Country in Clay

  An exhibition of ceramic works by Ernabella’s leading women artists Tjunkaya Tapaya, Carlene Thompson and Niningka Lewis, alongside works by rising stars Elizabeth Dunn, Tjimpuna Williams, Janice Stanley and Lynette Lewis. Tjunkaya and Niningka have made a recent return to ceramics after focusing on painting and tjanpi weaving for several years.   Created in […]

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Humilis By Winsome Jobling

  Sand palm, Livistona humilis, (merrepen, wumberra) is the most widespread Northern Territory palm. These resilient little palms provide food, medicine, fibre and colour.   The small slender palm grows in colonies as understory plants in the dry eucalyptus forests around Darwin. There is strength in numbers for plants as they communicate and nurture each other through […]

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Where worlds come together

  The art room gives us time to put down all the knowing we have in our hearts, this is where worlds can come together. It is good to be able to let the thinking come out so other people can share in the things we know. Making these etchings can make us think of […]

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