• Lightning and The Rock screenprint by Nonggirrnga Marawili
  • Lightning and The Rock, lithograph by Nonggirrnga Marawili
  • Dhanaya, lithograph by Nyapanyapa Yunupingu
  • Red Lines, etching by Nyapanyapa Yunupingu

Gapan 2016: New prints from Yirrkala Print Space

03 September - 01 October 2016

Buku Larrnggay Mulka at Yirrkala community in Arnhem Land has a long and proud history as one of Australia’s premier Indigenous art centres and printmaking studios. 

These major artists have established a national reputation for their work, having won many of Australia’s Indigenous art prizes.

Artists in this exhibition include: Djambawa Marawili AM, Nonggirrnga Marawili, Nyapanyapa Yunupingu, Mulkun Wirrpanda, Garawan Wanambi, Marrnyula Mununggurr, Malaluba Gumana, Banduk Marika, Ishmael Marika and Dundiwuy #2 Mununggurr.

The 2016 Gapan print selection includes lithographs, screenprints, linocuts and etchings produced in collaboration with  Sean Smith, The Ownership Project, Adrian Kellett and Virginia University as part of Artist in Residency Program at Kluge-­Ruhe Museum of Aboriginal Art, Charlottesville, USA.

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  • Mulkun Wirrpanda at John Wolseley Buku Larrnggay Mulka Art Centre
  • Yirriŋaŋiŋ, Muwuka and Buwukul, woodcut by John Wolseley
  • Rakay #4, relief print on mulberry paper by Mulkun Wirrpanda
  • Dilminyin, relief print on mulberry paper by Mulkun Wirrpanda

The Midawarr – Harvest Series

05 August - 24 August 2016


The Midawarr – Harvest Series suite of woodblocks is the outcome of collaboration between Mulkun Wirrpanda and John Wolseley. Wirrpanda is a senior female artist for the Dhudi-Djapu clan from Dhuruputjpi. Wirrpanda is a leader of her clan and has a lifetime’s knowledge of her country, which is distilled into her art.


Wolseley has lived and worked all over the continent and is known for his large scale works on paper which relate the minutiae of plant, bird and insect to the greater movements of the earth’s geological and ecological systems.


Wolseley and Wirrpanda first met in 2009 in Baniyala, east Arnhem Land. Both artists were part of a group of Yolngu and visiting artists working on the cross-cultural project and touring exhibition Djalkiri: we are standing on the their names   Blue Mud Bay organised by Nomad Art Productions in Darwin.


Since 2009 they have spent a week or two together each year in the Miwatj region in Midawarr, the harvest season. The two have hunted rare plants, painted them; and eaten the unique tropical yams and tubers. Wirrpanda has now compiled comprehensive series of barks and larrakitj about the poorly recognised food plants of northeast Arnhem Land. Her mission is to renew the knowledge of these plants for future generations. Since 2009 John Wolseley has also been making woodcuts and large works on paper about the same plants and landscape.


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  • Aaron McTaggart, Awarrapun - Crocodile Design, two plate etching.
  • Kieren Karritpul, Kala Damuy - Red Root, etching with soft ground red root.
  • Kieren Karritpul, Yerrgi – Pandanus Bundles, three plate etching.
  • Gracie Kumbi, Merrepen - Sand Palm, two plate etching.

Kidin – Time of Plenty

04 August - 27 August 2016

Kidin – Time of Plenty combines both art and cultural knowledge with the rich natural heritage of the Ngan’gikurrungurr and Ngen’giwumirri (Ngan’gi) people of the Daly River region. The collection of images is a study of the relationships between plants and animals and Ngan’gi people who are intimately connected with their country.

In March 2016 Merrepen artists participated in an innovative etching project with master print maker Basil Hall. The outcome is a collection of 18 beautiful images celebrating the biological diversity and cultural associations of the Daly River Region by: Aaron McTaggart, Kieren Karritpul, Patricia Marrfurra McTaggart AM, Christina Yambeing, Margaret Gilbert, Marita Sambono, Louise Pandella, Gracie Kumbi, Troy Madigan and Philip Wilson

The title Kidin (meaning the abundance of life after the wet season) is symbolic of life and nature of the tropical north of Australia. The collection of colour plate etchings creates a highly innovative and unique portrayal of both the environment and the traditional knowledge of the Ngan’gi people with an emphasis on traditional language and association with plants and animals.

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View the works on the online gallery
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Exhibitions Archive

The Kunwinjku Counting Book and other works of art from Gunbalanya

This exhibition focuses on paper and bark paintings by acclaimed Western Arnhem Land artists Gabriel Maralngurra, Roderick Maralngurra and Graham Badari and includes a set of 12 paintings that feature in a children’s book entitled The Kunwinjku Counting Book illustrated by Gabriel Maralngurra. The Kunwinjku Counting Book is published by Injalak Arts and launched by Nomad Art in July 2016. This book serves as a […]

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Gulf Country: New screen prints from Waralungku Arts

  Waralungku Arts represents the Yanyuwa, Garrwa, Mara and Gudanji peoples from the Borroloola Region in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory. The Art Centre is set in an arresting landscape of rocky hills, cattle-grazed scrub, billabongs, and wide horizons.   The screen prints depict both the life and the history of the community, as […]

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Badem gooyarrg yirranyjende, goodoo yirranyjende – We collect ochre and grind it

This exhibition brings together new explorations of ochre to works on paper by emerging, mid career and establish Gija artists. Warmun art is a contemporary expression of land and culture central to Gija identity and has a national and international reputation. Artists draw on Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) stories and contemporary life.

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The Wealth of the Land

Chips Mackinolty celebrates the natural and cultural wealth of Sicilian horticulture through a new series of digital prints. Based in Vucciria, near the oldest market in the historic centre of Palermo, Mackinolty set about depicting the new seasons fruit and vegetables as they appeared in the market. The images represent centuries of agricultural practice and cuisine which are fundamental to the […]

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The dark reactions

Michelle Culpitt is a photo media artist whose experimental methods include anthotypes, a pre-photographic process using photosensitive material from plants to create an image.   Anthotypes were invented by Sir William Herschel in 1842. The process involves coating a sheet of paper with an emulsion that has been extracted from light-sensitive plant material. An object […]

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Ground: works in paper by Winsome Jobling

Winsome Jobling is one of Australia’s pre-eminent paper artists. Her work transcends notions of paper making into highly original works of contemporary art.   Steeped in knowledge, intellect and beauty these works draw us deep within the natural environment, unveiling a hidden world and reminding us of the mysteries and wonder of nature. In this series of works in […]

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The Mirrored Image: Ten years of prints at Nomad Art

This exhibition commemorates the 10th anniversary of Nomad Art Gallery, over 100 exhibitions and the numerous projects Nomad Art has facilitated or hosted since 2005. The ethos of Nomad Art is to explore and highlight the cross-cultural and collaborative nature of printmaking through the culturally rich and natural diversity of the Top End of Australia.   […]

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Torres Strait Islander Prints from Badu Island

These beautiful linocuts reflect the artist’s love of the ocean, the strong cultural traditions and relationships they have with Badu Island through its creatures, the wind, rain, earth, sky, stars and the sun. ‘Reflecting our strong cultural traditions and our beautiful relationships with our world we carefully express our love and dedication to the ocean, to […]

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Secret World: Carnivorous plants of the Howard sand sheets

  ‘Secret World: Carnivorous plants of the Howard sand sheets’ is an art exhibition focusing on the unique Bladderworts that thrive on the Howard Sand Plains near Darwin.   The Howard sand sheets host a number of unique and threatened plant and animal species including rare carnivorous plants (Utricularia species) and the Howard River Toadlet. […]

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