• Ngayiwoorrji, etching by Queenie McKenzie
  • Gunamboorlayi Country, screen print by Billy Thomas
  • Madjalindy Hills, screen print by Mignonette Jamin
  • Yirrimbirrnga thon Borroonoongoo, screenprint by Paddy Carlton
  • Warlawoon Country, etching by Rammey Ramsey
  • Gerrewool, etching by Phyllis Thomas
  • Jarubany (Water Babies), etching by Rose Clifton
  • Boab, etching by Charlene Carrington
  • Boab Tree, etching by Charlene Carrington
  • Ngarrgooroon Country, etching by Betty Carrington

East Kimberley Focus

02 July -



East Kimberley Focus is the first of our series of online presentations. Each month we will delve into the Nomad collections to uncover hidden gems, profile selected artists and present new work. The idea is to reflect on the extraordinary creative output by Aboriginal artists and printmakers over the last two decades.


This month we are focusing on two Kimberley Art Centres, Warmun Arts and Waringarri Arts from the east Kimberley Ranges. Aboriginal artists in the Kimberly have been making etchings, screen prints and lithographs since the 1990s. The collection includes great artists such as Queenie McKenzie, Betty Carrington, Mabel Juli, Lena Nyadbi, Rammey Ramsey, Rusty Peters, Gabriel Nodea, Mignonette Jamin, Billy Thomas and Paddy Carlton to name a few.


Since its inception in 1998, Warmun Art Centre has been one of remote Australia’s most significant cultural institutions. Owned and governed by Gija people, the centre was established by founding members of the contemporary painting movement in Warmun such as Queenie McKenzie, Lena Nyadbi, Betty Carrington and others. The elders recognised and responded to the need for a community owned and controlled centre through which they could support, maintain and promote Gija art, belief, language and culture.


Established 20 years earlier in the late 1970’s, in the heart of Miriwoong country at Kununurra, Waringarri artists also convey the importance of their country and culture through art. Miriwoong land extends from the Northern Territory border to Kununurra, Lake Argyle, Keep River and the Ord River in the east Kimberley.


A range of printmakers from studios such as Red Hand Prints, Northern Editions, Basil Hall Editions and Australian Print Workshop have worked in collaboration with Miriwoong and Gija artists to produce stunning and ground breaking contemporary art prints. We are pleased to present a small selection of these works from the past & present.


View works by Warmun artists on the online gallery


View works by Waringarri artists on the online gallery
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Exhibitions Archive

Darwin Dogs Winsome by Jobling and Merran Sierakowski

    Darwin Dogs are exposed for what they are…yappy, snappy half crazed dogmatists, crooked as a dog’s hind leg, lurking with intent behind the wire in Darwin burbs.   Darwin artists Winsome Jobling and (onetime postie) Merran Sierakowski have decided that things are getting out of hound, so they have waded fearlessly into the […]

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Full Circle: Journeys of an Artist

By Jörg Schmeisser   Jörg Schmeisser’s distinguished printmaking career was informed by a restless curiosity of the visual world. From the beginning, he was inspired by travel, his imagination fired by regular experiences of the unfamiliar and unknown.   This online exhibition celebrates work produced during travels, residencies and fellowships to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, […]

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‘Dear Gilbert,…. ‘ (Song for the Ichthyologist) by Jacqueline Gribbin

  This is a continuation of a body of work by Darwin Printmaker Jacqueline Gribbin in which the artist has revived a collection of relief blocks created from scientific drawings by Gilbert Percy Whitley (Ichthyologist and Curator of Fishes, Australian Museum, 1922-1964). The blocks served as a means to print illustrations for Whitley’s many published […]

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Ngani pek che durrmu – Our group of artists working together

    In late 2017, the artists of Durrmu Arts at Peppimenarti in the Northern Territory collaborated with Jocelyn Tribe and Basil Hall to create this magnificent series of silkscreen prints.   Established artists such as Regina Wilson and Kathleen Korda, lead a small group of emerging artists through the process of printmaking and the […]

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Bark Paintings and Larrakitj from Yirrkala

  Located at Yirrkala in north-East Arnhem Land, Buku Larrnggay Mulka has maintained its status as a leader in contemporary art for decades. Dating back beyond the Bark Petition, Yirrkala Church Panels and Saltwater Collection, Yirrkala artists continue an artistic legacy that extends over tens of thousands of years. More recently artists have embraced the […]

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  2016 was an unusually cloudy and wet dry season. I began documenting the cloudy days from June to August by taking photographs and I did the same last year. The 2017 dry season was the warmest on record.   These drawings are made using recycled photocopy toner. The composition of photocopy toner is generally […]

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Tokapuwi – Big Mob of Birds

  Tiwi Island artist, Janice Murray is renowned for her depictions of birdlife that inhabit the Tiwi Islands. This exhibition of etchings features her exceptional graphic interpretations of traditional cultural motifs, birds and ceremonial design. Birds include Pinjoma Jilamarini – Barn Owl, Muma – Torres Strait Pigeon, Kawukawunga – Female Bush Turkey, Jongijongini – Eastern Reef Egret and Wayayi – Bush Curlew. […]

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In the Frame

  Featuring new work by Anne McMaster, Jacqueline Gribbin and Winsome Jobling. Plus from the stockroom, a selection of framed prints reduced for the months of December and January and unframed prints from Northern Editions print making studio. Contact the Gallery for more information 08 8981 6382.   View works on the online gallery:   Anne […]

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Mayeng – Bush Tucker

  An exhibition of ochre paintings, ceramics, prints and textiles by Miriwoong artist Gloria Mengil from Waringarri Arts in the Kimberly. The images represent her favourite bush tucker (bush plum and bush peanut), and evoke memories of the nostalgic joy of gathering these foods as a child with her family.   In her work Gloria […]

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New prints from Yirrkala Print Space: 2017

  Buku Larrnggay Mulka at Yirrkala community in Arnhem Land has a long and proud history as one of Australia’s premier Aboriginal art centres and printmaking studios.   The dedicated print studio was built in the Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre in 1996. The space was established through collaboration between the Centre and master printer Basil Hall. […]

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