• Untitled (two plate), etching by Karen Mills, 2015
  • Cycads - Ngathu, etching by Fiona Hall,  2010
  • Daluk dja Binninj, etching by Wamud Namok, 2011
  • Longicorn Beetle, woodblock print by John Wolseley, 2015

The Mirrored Image: Ten years of prints at Nomad Art

22 January - 27 February 2016

This exhibition commemorates the 10th anniversary of Nomad Art Gallery, over 100 exhibitions and the numerous projects Nomad Art has facilitated or hosted since 2005. The ethos of Nomad Art is to explore and highlight the cross-cultural and collaborative nature of printmaking through the culturally rich and natural diversity of the Top End of Australia.


The prints selected for this exhibition are linked by subject matter, geography or aesthetic relationships which illustrate the diverse expression of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.


The prints have been produced by individual artists and printmakers working in the Northern Territory. Print studios represented include Yirrkala Print Studio, Basil Hall Editions, Northern Editions, Australian Print Workshop, AKS Studio and numerous independent artists’ studios.


Key Nomad Projects include Replant: a new generation of botanical art, 2006 and Djalkiri: we are standing on their names, Blue Mud Bay, 2010.


Curated by Eloise Baldwin and Clare Armitage


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  • Karramarr - Trevally, linocut by Laurie Nona
  • Ngaw Ipiew Awgadh, linocut by Joseph Au
  • Aubau (Noni Fruit), linocut by Matilda Malujewell Nona
  • Zugnurrpika, linocut by Gehmat Nona

Torres Strait Islander Prints from Badu Island

04 December - 24 December 2015

These beautiful linocuts reflect the artist’s love of the ocean, the strong cultural traditions and relationships they have with Badu Island through its creatures, the wind, rain, earth, sky, stars and the sun.

‘Reflecting our strong cultural traditions and our beautiful relationships with our world we carefully express our love and dedication to the ocean, to our island and all of its creatures and animals. We show our relationships with the wind, rain, earth, the skies, stars and the sun.


Our life cycle, is the same as the cycle of the world around us.


To see our art is to be delighted from another world, a world alive with myths and stories and ancient tradition, and one that is strong and with a clear and powerful voice.’


© Badu Art Centre



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Exhibitions Archive

Secret World: Carnivorous plants of the Howard sand sheets

  ‘Secret World: Carnivorous plants of the Howard sand sheets’ is an art exhibition focusing on the unique Bladderworts that thrive on the Howard Sand Plains near Darwin.   The Howard sand sheets host a number of unique and threatened plant and animal species including rare carnivorous plants (Utricularia species) and the Howard River Toadlet. […]

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LIVELY: New Prints from Warmun Arts

  Warmun Art Centre and Nomad Art present LIVELY—a new series of etchings by Gija artists produced with Basil Hall Editions.   LIVELY is a term in Kimberley Kriol that describes an energetic way of doing something. It’s a boisterous and confident way of getting into it, getting something happening and getting going, with strong […]

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The Stone Dialogues

  The Stone Dialogues are a series of etchings exploring the relationship we have with matter from deep time. Stones bear witness, of their formation, of events, of humans and non-humans tracking across the surface. What can they reveal to us as we caress them in their manifold shapes and sizes? In dialogue with this […]

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Tropical Louvres – Anne McMaster

  The images portrayed in this exhibition are inspired by the natural habitats of the Tiwi Islands including coastal mangroves and coral. Other elements that influence Anne McMaster’s art are the changing nature of the seasons, the beautiful Island light and the contemporary Island culture of AFL football.   This body of work is the […]

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Louvres and Floorboards – Bobbie Ruben

  Digital designs on linen from Speargrass Textiles   Bobbie Ruben captures the essence of Darwin’s elevated, tropical homes where intelligent design is paired with the beauty of horizontal, vertical and diagonal line. Delivering simple functionality with the elegance of frosted 1960’s louvres ensure these homes are a joy to live in. Their beauty and meaning are engrained […]

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Children’s Ground: New prints by artists of Kakadu

  From Jabiru in the heart of Kakadu National Park, this exhibition of lino-cuts, collographs, dry points and etchings features artists with cultural connections to the region spanning tens of thousands of years. The art work is based on rock art traditions and cultural and natural imagery.   Printmaking workshops have been facilitated in Kakadu by the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal […]

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Revolution: New work celebrating 20 years of printmaking at Yirrkala Print Space

  In May 1995 a small revolution happened in far eastern Arnhem Land. The Yolngu artists of Buku-Larrnggay Mulka rose up and ‘seized the means of production’. Remote Indigenous printmakers began working on their own press to create limited edition fine art works on paper. Thus they began the Yirrkala Print Space.   And now, […]

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Manme Mayh: Gardens of the Stone Country III

  Manme Mayh: Gardens of the Stone Country III explores the links between Indigenous cultural heritage, environment and aesthetic traditions of artists from the Stone Country of western Arnhem Land through food and plants (manme) and animals (mayh).   The artists in this exhibition represent a small and unique group of painters who are actively […]

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The Secret Lives of Plants and Insects

In this exhibition John Wolseley explores complex life forces and leads the viewer into the umwelt or life world of plants and insects. The Secret Lives of Plants and Insects includes watercolours, etchings, wood blocks and nature prints that have been created over 20 years and thousands of kilometres.   The exhibition features two series of […]

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Not Waving…..Drowning

  In this exhibition Merran Sierakowski continues to explore the notion of venomous sea creatures as a metaphor for the increasing ugliness displayed by our nation in the treatment of marginalised members of society. Not waving, but drowning in self-interest and the poison of intolerance. The creatures represent old prejudices and fears, much as images of monsters […]

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