• The Wealth of the Land at Nomad Gallery
  • Cacocciuliddi - Baby artichokes, limited edition digital print
  • Cipuda scalognu - Spring onions, limited edition digital print
  • Ciuru di cucuzza - Pumpkin flower, limited edition digital print

The Wealth of the Land

05 May - 28 May 2016

Chips Mackinolty celebrates the natural and cultural wealth of Sicilian horticulture through a new series of digital prints. Based in Vucciria, near the oldest market in the historic centre of Palermo, Mackinolty set about depicting the new seasons fruit and vegetables as they appeared in the market. The images represent centuries of agricultural practice and cuisine which are fundamental to the cultural identity of Sicily and beyond.

The Wealth of the Land is an antidote to the sterile mass economy of the supermarket; it pays homage to the men and women who make a living from the soil, a reminder of things past and pointer to a good-natured and sustainable future. Above all they are images of luscious beauty and charm, reminding us of real natural wealth, the good food that emanates from the land.

As we face the potential disintegration of massive carbon intensive food distribution networks, and the ravages of climate change, it is likely that all of us will have to think about locally grown fresh foods, and the ways they get to the kitchen or restaurant table. Chips Mackinolty, 2016.

Hand drawn digital prints, editions of 19, available in the following sizes: 30 x 30 cm – $180, 45 x 45 cm – $250, 90 x 90 cm – $880 (unframed).

Download the exhibition catalogue (copies available $40).

ABC News interview

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  • Buachalánbuí – my weed, your daisy, anthotype on watercolour paper
  • Buachalánbuí – your daisy, my weed, anthotype on watercolour paper
  • Disturbed land I, anthotype on watercolour paper
  • Eucalyptus shadow II, anthotype on watercolour paper

The dark reactions

08 April - 30 April 2016

Michelle Culpitt is a photo media artist whose experimental methods include anthotypes, a pre-photographic process using photosensitive material from plants to create an image.


Anthotypes were invented by Sir William Herschel in 1842. The process involves coating a sheet of paper with an emulsion that has been extracted from light-sensitive plant material. An object such as a plant is then placed on the paper and exposed to sun-light until the background is bleached out. Color remains in the shaded or protected areas creating subtle, shadowy images.


Michelle Culpitt’s imagery explores organic elements of place, history and the environment. The dark reactions refer to a part of the photosynthesis process in plants that occurs in the second phase of photosynthesis that does not require the presence of light.


The works include native plants from Darwin, weeds from Castlemaine in Victoria and native plants in Carna and Anaghmakerrig in Ireland.


Read the opening speech by Dr Greg Leach


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