• Artist: Nancy McDinny
  • Art Centre: Waralungku Arts Centre
  • Region: Barkley Tablelands

Artwork Story

Nancy was born on Fetrel Island, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Nothern Territory, between Managoora Station and Vanderlin Island. Her Aboriginal name is Yukuwal and her skin name is Nangalama. Nancy’s painting depict Dreaming stories and capture the rich tradi?onal life that she, her parents and grandparents practiced, including hunting, collecting bush tucker and travelling across country to visit kin. She also uses painting to address historical and contemporary silences in the Gulf region, including her family’s brutal experiences of European settlement, and the impacts of mining on the natural environment.


Copyright for both painting and text remains with the artist and Waralungku Arts and may not be reproduced without permission.