• Artist: Marjorie Keighran
  • Art Centre: Waralungku Arts Centre
  • Region: Barkley Tablelands

Artwork Story

Marjorie is a senior Garrwa woman, whose Dreaming is Kananganja (Emu). Ngarlanyja (the stock yards north of Seven Emus Station and Kangaroo Creek) is her country. Marjorie was born at Westmoreland Station on the Queensland Border. She grew up at Wollogorang station and Red Bank Mine, south-east of Borroloola, where she spent her days hunting and gathering bush tucker. She was brought in to Borroloola by Welfare when she was a teenager.

Marjorie started working at the Art Centre four years ago and practices painting, weaving, ceramics, and bush jewelry. Many of Marjorie’s paintings contain images of nanny goats as spent many of her teenage days on the station at Robinson River herding and looking after them: “We’d look after them and take them down to the water and take them back up again”. She also paints landscapes featuring local plant and animal species, in particular echidnas (nyinbu), long neck turtle (murndangu), short neck turtle (kulukulu), white gums, jubadirrdi (bushy tree that produces small black edible berries), and water lilies.

Marjorie is also a keen singer of Garrwa and Yanyuwa songs. She learned from her husband, Old Ginger Bunaja, and Nora Jalirduma, who were Yanyuwa. There are two songs for the nanny goats, Purdiwan Purdiwan and Kidikidi (Kid Goats). Marjorie is also part of the Ngardiji Dance Group.


Copyright for both painting and text remains with the artist and Waralungku Arts and may not be reproduced without permission.