• Aaron McTaggart, Awarrapun - Crocodile Design, two plate etching.
  • Kieren Karritpul, Kala Damuy - Red Root, etching with soft ground red root.
  • Kieren Karritpul, Yerrgi – Pandanus Bundles, three plate etching.
  • Gracie Kumbi, Merrepen - Sand Palm, two plate etching.
  • Margaret Gilbert, Penembe - Freshwater Mussels, etching with chine-collé.
  • Troy Madigan, Yerrwire - Woolybutt Flower, four plate etching with screen print.
  • Gracie Kumbi, Anganfepinimbi and Anganifinyi - Olive Python and Echidna, two plate etching.

Kidin – Time of Plenty

04 August - 27 August 2016

Kidin – Time of Plenty combines both art and cultural knowledge with the rich natural heritage of the Ngan’gikurrungurr and Ngen’giwumirri (Ngan’gi) people of the Daly River region. The collection of images is a study of the relationships between plants and animals and Ngan’gi people who are intimately connected with their country.

In March 2016 Merrepen artists participated in an innovative etching project with master print maker Basil Hall. The outcome is a collection of 18 beautiful images celebrating the biological diversity and cultural associations of the Daly River Region by: Aaron McTaggart, Kieren Karritpul, Patricia Marrfurra McTaggart AM, Christina Yambeing, Margaret Gilbert, Marita Sambono, Louise Pandella, Gracie Kumbi, Troy Madigan and Philip Wilson

The title Kidin (meaning the abundance of life after the wet season) is symbolic of life and nature of the tropical north of Australia. The collection of colour plate etchings creates a highly innovative and unique portrayal of both the environment and the traditional knowledge of the Ngan’gi people with an emphasis on traditional language and association with plants and animals.

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