• Marram (Whistling Kite), bark painting by Graham Badari
  • Wak Wak (Crow), work on paper by Joe Guymala
  • Manimunak (Magpie Goose), work on paper by Gabriel Maralngurra
  • Ngalkordow (Brolga) work on paper by Thommo Nganjmirra
  • Ngarradj (Cockatoo), work on paper by Joe Guymala
  • Dalkkedalkken (Gouldian finch) work on paper by Graham Badari

Mayhmayh – Different Birds

01 July - 29 July 2017


Selected works on paper, bark and hollow logs by Injalak artists including Graham Badari, Gabriel Maralngurra, Thompson Nganjmirra and Joe Guymala.


All artworks depict species of birds commonly found in Western Arnhem Land going about their daily business. Many of the anecdotes the artists tell about the birds are quirky, explaining characteristics that can indicate a change of season, a good time to go hunting or can simply be inspired by the nature and character of the birds as they chattering amongst their favorite blossoms, go searching for their favorite foods or chase each across the open floodplains. Bird species can also have significant cultural meaning to the Kunwinkju and a number are active in ‘Djang’ (ancestral creation stories). These paintings allow us a rare birds’ eye view into the connection between people, birds, place, story and environment that is part of the cultural fabric of the Kunwinkju people.


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