• Susan Marawarr, Fish Trap, ochre on bark.
  • Susan Marawarr, Lorrkon, ochre on hollow log.
  • Barbara Kurrawalwal, Kun-djule (shade), screen print.
  • Deborah Wurrkidj, Manwak screen print on cotton.

Karridjowkke Kunronj – Crossing Streams

04 August - 26 August 2017


Presented by Nomad Art in conjunction with Darwin Festival, Maningrida Arts and Culture and Bábbarra Women’s Centre.

Opening 3.00pm, Thursday 10 August


Karridjowkke KunronjCrossing Streams brings together five established female artists from the Kuninjku homelands of western Arnhem Land. The works integrate time-honoured traditions of art making with contemporary imagery.

Deborah Wurrkidj, Jennifer Wurrkidj, Susan Marawarr, Helen Lanyinwanga and Melba Gunjarrwanga, are women of the stone country surrounding the remote homeland of Mumeka, who work with both Babbarra Designs and Maningrida Arts & Culture.

These women have formed the backbone of a generation of Kunjinku artists since the 1990s. They continue to forge a path for women in their community and push the boundaries of their creative practice.

Featured in this exhibition are new fabric designs, bark paintings and lorrkon (hollow logs) and prints including the watershed Seasons Folio produced in 1999.


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