• Artist: Dino Wilson
  • Art Centre: Jilamara Arts and Crafts
  • Region: Tiwi Islands

Artwork Story

Dino lived in Wurrumiyanga and worked at the Sport and Recreation Centre for many years. He moved to Milikapiti in 2016 to live with his mother Carol Black.


Dino’s Mother used to paint at Jilamara so he decided to become a member and start painting.


Dino paints Wantaringuwi which is the sun in Tiwi. He likes the cycle of the rising sun in the morning and when it goes down in the evening. He mixes the natural colours of red, yellow and white ochres to come up with different tones to depict the colours of the sun.


Dino says, ‘I am born and bred on the Tiwi Islands and it is important for me to be living in Milikapiti and making art about my culture’.



2017      Yirringinkiri Pwoja, Hilton Double Tree, Darwin, NT

2017      Ngini Parlingarri Amintiya Ningani, Nomad Art Gallery, Darwin, NT