• Kawukawunga - Female Bush Turkey, etching, 2018
  • Muma - Torres Strait Pigeon, etching, 2018
  • Pinjoma - Barn Owl, etching, 2018
  • Tirrintirri - Burdekin Ducks, etching, 2018
  • Wayayi - Male Bush Curlew, etching, 2018
  • Jongijongini, Eastern Reef Egret, etching, 2018

Tokapuwi – Big Mob of Birds

02 February - 24 February 2018


Tiwi Island artist, Janice Murray is renowned for her depictions of birdlife that inhabit the Tiwi Islands. This exhibition of etchings features her exceptional graphic interpretations of traditional cultural motifs, birds and ceremonial design. Birds include Pinjoma Jilamarini – Barn Owl, Muma – Torres Strait Pigeon, Kawukawunga – Female Bush Turkey, Jongijongini – Eastern Reef Egret and Wayayi – Bush Curlew.


In 2017 Janice Murray was awarded an Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Fellowship to work in collaboration with printers Martin King and Simon White to produce ten new large format etchings.


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