• June 26, recycled photocopy toner on paper, 110 x 75
  • June 6, recycled photocopy toner on paper, 110 x 75 cm
  • June 19, recycled photocopy toner on paper, 110 x 75 cm
  • Cyan August 13, recycled photocopy toner on paper, 65 x 50 cm
  • June 13, recycled photocopy toner on paper, 32 x 21.5cm


02 March - 07 April 2018


2016 was an unusually cloudy and wet dry season. I began documenting the cloudy days from June to August by taking photographs and I did the same last year. The 2017 dry season was the warmest on record.


These drawings are made using recycled photocopy toner.

The composition of photocopy toner is generally 60% heat-sensitive micro-plastic particles and the rest is iron oxide and pigment.


Clouds; beautiful, cottony, floating arrangements of water molecules. Cumulus clouds are the product of heat and convective air-mass instability that grow upward to form rain.

Water vapour has a strong effect on weather and climate. As the planet gets warmer, more water evaporates from the earth’s surface and becomes vapour in the atmosphere. Water vapour is a greenhouse gas, so more water vapour leads to even more warming. A hotter atmosphere is able to take up and retain more moisture – every degree of warming results in and average 1% increase in rainfall.


We are turning the natural world against itself and us!

As Tim Flannery says; ‘We are now the weather makers.’

The human impact on the natural world is central to my work and my materials always carry an intrinsic message……………………….an armature for ideas.


Winsome Jobling 2018


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