• Carapace, etching, 21.5 x 19 cm
  • Bergs Passing, etching, 20 x 37.5 cm
  • Preah Khan, figures & torso, etching,	20 x 16.5 cm
  • Cold in Venice, etching, 21 x 24 cm
  • Light, etching, 15 x 14.5 cm

Full Circle: Journeys of an Artist

01 May -

By Jörg Schmeisser


Jörg Schmeisser’s distinguished printmaking career was informed by a restless curiosity of the visual world. From the beginning, he was inspired by travel, his imagination fired by regular experiences of the unfamiliar and unknown.


This online exhibition celebrates work produced during travels, residencies and fellowships to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Venice, Hangzhou in China, Ladakh in northern India and Antarctica


‘Schmeisser’s keen observation of his surroundings is revealed in the extraordinary rendering of detail, often overlaid by gestural lines and script.  His works also feature abstracted motifs that symbolically evoke the place in which they were witnessed.’ Beaver Galleries


Jörg Schmeisser held over 200 exhibitions, both in Australia and overseas, after he began his tertiary studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany.  His work is represented in many of the world’s most notable collections including the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Staatliche Sammlungen Dresden, Germany, Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst in Cologne, Germany and the National Gallery of America.  In Australia, his work is held in all of the major state galleries as well as the National Gallery of Australia.


Jörg Schmeisser first visited Arnhem Land in 1976. As part of the journey he facilitated some of the first etchings to be made with Indigenous artists of the region. He again visited the Top End in 2009 as part of the Nomad Art Djalkiri project. The outcomes are timeless and beautiful images of unique landscapes.


Jörg Schmeisser died in June 2012.


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