• Floating Ghost etching, relief, 2018
  • Mr Halstead, etching, relief, 2018
  • Strawman, etching, relief, 2018
  • The Old Wife, etching, relief, 2018

‘Dear Gilbert,…. ‘ (Song for the Ichthyologist) by Jacqueline Gribbin

01 May -


This is a continuation of a body of work by Darwin Printmaker Jacqueline Gribbin in which the artist has revived a collection of relief blocks created from scientific drawings by Gilbert Percy Whitley (Ichthyologist and Curator of Fishes, Australian Museum, 1922-1964). The blocks served as a means to print illustrations for Whitley’s many published papers, journals and books.


Through a series of prints, which incorporate the blocks, Gribbin has connected with Whitley’s cheeky humour and passion for all things fishes. The prints are a melding of Gribbin’s created marine environments with Whitley’s scientific work.


Recently researchers have expressed concern that some of the species depicted in Whitley’s blocks could be under threat due to habitat degradation and climate change, providing new perspective on Whitley’s work.


Relief printing blocks courtesy of the Australian Museum.


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