• Blue Dog, wire and tape by Merran Sierakowski
  • Kelly, tapestry by Winsome Jobling
  • Postie Killer, wire and postie uniform by Merran Sierakowski
  • Red dog, tapestry by Winsome Jobling
  • Milly, tapestry by Winsome Jobling
  • Rufus, wire and tape by Merran Sierakowski

Darwin Dogs by Winsome Jobling and Merran Sierakowski

04 May - 25 May 2018



Darwin Dogs are exposed for what they are…yappy, snappy half crazed dogmatists, crooked as a dog’s hind leg, lurking with intent behind the wire in Darwin burbs.


Darwin artists Winsome Jobling and (onetime postie) Merran Sierakowski have decided that things are getting out of hound, so they have waded fearlessly into the dog eat dog world, with a dog’s breakfast of a show at Nomad Art this month.


The artists are dog tired at being ruffed up and plan to bite back with this canine dishplay. It may be a bit ruff around the edges and a mastiff waste of time, but it is the leashed they could do. So don’t bite the hand that feeds you, at the very leashed you mutt as well get along to Darwin Dogs. After all every dog has its day, barking dogs seldom bite and it is our last little show at Nomad Art Gallery in Parap.


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