• Coastal Dwelling, Melville Island by Anne McMaster
  • Venting lV, by Anne McMaster
  • Mangrove Beach I, Tiwi Islands, by Anne McMaster
  • Jessie Creek II, Tiwi Islands, by Anne McMaster
  • Tidal Zone II, Melville Island, by Anne McMaster
  • Tide Zone V, Melville Island, by Anne McMaster

Tidal Zone – Tiwi Islands

01 September - 30 September 2018


My recent work is a response to living in a remote Indigenous community of Pickataramoor, on the Tiwi Islands in tropical Northern Australia. This remote location combines the challenges of conceptualising and creating art in relative isolation, while drawing inspiration from the unique geography of the landscape of my daily life.


The rectangle paper panels are a direct reference to the louvered windows that I gaze through into the Tiwi landscape from my studio and home. Typical of Northern Territory Top-end architecture, these panels act as a vent which gives me a wider sense of the elements outside. Gentle breezes pass through and sounds and scents permeate inside, highlighting the seasons and my location.


The arrangement of etchings shows motifs and linear detail of elements of the geography of Melville Island. Images have been created by etching through pitted and washy bitumen exposed to heavy monsoon rain and left to the elements, forming washy textures. Mangrove sprigs from the coast have been used as stencils between aluminium plates and the paper in the printmaking process.


It is at the periphery of the island that I find most fascinating, acting metaphorically as a barrier or boundary line for contact with family; emphasising the remoteness of my location. It is within this context that the louvres are used, highlighting a zone between two spaces – defining my creative realm.

Anne McMaster


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