• Milpatjunanyi X by Nungalka (Tjaria) Stanley)
  • Wati Ngintaka lX by Nura Ruper
  • Inma-ku Walka by Mantuwa Treacle.
  • Kungka Kutjara Tjukurpa by Tuppy Ngintja Goodwin
  • Maku Inmaku Pakani by Ngupulya Pumani

Sand stories and other collections

01 March - 29 March 2019


This month we are focusing on historical suites and collections. Works include an exciting series of six ceremonial body paint designs from Kaltjiti Arts, a collection of the first screenprints produced at mimili maku and an amazing folio of milpatjunanyi – sand stories by Nura Rupert and Nungalka (Tjaria) Stanley from Ernabella Arts.


Milpatjunanyi – telling stories in the sand

Telling stories by drawing in the sand is the domain of women and girls among the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara speaking peoples of the desert country of central Australia.


These etching suites are a contemporary expression of an ancient, deeply held cultural practice. The stories are told in the sand on which the people sit – the ground across which they walk – and the land that has sustained them for thousands of years – providing the materials and subject matter for telling life’s big and small stories.


Traditionally these stories were often told in the evening, as family groups settled down for sleep in their transitory camp. One woman would take her mi/pa, the stick with which she beats the rhythm of the story, and with the other start drawing in the sand, episode by episode, smoothing the sand after each, until the story’s end.

View the Milpatjunanyi folio catalogue

View the Wati Ngintaka folio catalogue


Inma-ku Walka – Body design for Ceremony

These etchings are based on the imagery used for body painting during traditional lnma (traditional ceremonial dance). The designs are painted across the chest and breasts.


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