• The bite ll, etching by Monique Auricchio
  • The confrontation, etching by Monique Auricchio
  • Animal Studies lll, etching by Monique Auricchio
  • Interlude, etching by Monique Auricchio

Animal Studies by Monique Auricchio

30 May - 30 June 2020


Monique Auricchio has developed a reputation based on a combination of highly developed printing skills and imaginative imagery. Her work examines human perceptions of animals, often using shadow and dark tones to emphasise the threatening or foreboding elements of the relationship.


Monique Auricchio’s art is often whimsical and theatrical, creating dreamlike images in shadowy, semi-urban settings. The works are layered with allegorical and proverbial references, yet evoke a sense of the unfamiliar. Images often feature animals infused with human sensibility. Birds provide the artist with a rich and abundant source of subject matter, as she explores the fragile and peculiar pecking order of the human and animal condition with satirical warmth and gentle humour.


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