• Gurrumu, etching by Mulkun Wirrpanda, 32 x 49 cm
  • Dharpa, etching by Nyapanyapa Yunupingu, 34 x 49 cm
  • 101 Insect Life Stories by John Wolseley, 15.5 x 24cm
  • I cipudda scalognu (Shallots), digital print by Chips Mackinolty
  • Brachychiton – Nanungguwa, etching by
Fiona Hall, 50 x 66 cm
  • Daluk dja Binninj, etching by Bardayal Nadjamerrek (dec), 75 x 57 cm
  • Man, Woman, Child, etching by Rhonda Sharpe, 43 x 57 cm
  • Yirrimbirrnga thon Borroonoongoo, screenprint, by Paddy Carlton (dec), 41 x 60 cm

Manifest: selected prints from the Nomad Art Collection

30 May - 30 June 2020


Curated by Angus Cameron




The works selected for this online exhibition are drawn from over 120 exhibitions and projects Nomad Art has produced over 15 years and celebrates the unique culture and heritage of cross-cultural Australia. The works are essentially personal favourites; a director’s cut if you like and a reflection on a heightened period of Australian art. Delving back over the years, these works emerged like a family of close friends. They manifest as strong and appealing artworks – ones that I would choose to have around me every day; images that manifest as food for the soul and the mind.


Limited edition prints have their own process and aesthetic; they are not like their often larger and more expensive cousins – canvas and bark paintings. Prints are commonly smaller and accessible snippets of larger stories. Printmaking is an affordable and democratic art form; the notion of printmaking can be thought of as a revolutionary activity that promulgates ideas Prints are often embedded with strong political statements which make the work so poignant and important. Most of all they are a joy to behold and own as part of one’s life — on the walls that surround us every single day.


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