• Yakatjerri – Sweet Grape, etching by Lorna Naparulla Fencer (dec)
  • Ngayiwoorrji etching by Queenie McKenzie (dec)
  • Mangrove – Wälmu, etching by
Fiona Hall
  • Weaving Design, etching by Regina Pilawuk Wilson
  • Yarla – Sweet Potato etching by Lorna Naparulla Fencer (dec)
  • Yerrdagarri – Message Stick, slikscreen by Regina Pilawuk Wilson
  • Brachychiton – Nanungguwa, etching by
Fiona Hall, 50 x 66 cm

Influential Women

06 July - 30 July 2020


Lorna Naparulla Fencer (dec), Fiona Hall, Queenie McKenzie (dec), Regina Pilawuk Wilson.


Influential Women is the first of our new series that profiles key artists from the Nomad Art Collection. Each month we will curate a small group of selected artists who have made many outstanding prints.


Each of these women are prolific and highly regarded Australian artists, innovators and leaders. Influential in their own communities, they have all developed unique and deep and original art, which is based on their knowledge of culture and community.


Lorna Naparulla Fencer was a celebrated and innovative Warlpiri artist from Lajamanu. Fiona Hall most recently from Tasmania is acclaimed internationally for her environmental and ethno-botanical art and research. Queenie McKenzie was one of the most prominent painters of the Warmun (Turkey Creek) community in Kimberley Ranges and Regina Pilawuk Wilson who co-founded the Peppimenarti Community for the Ngangikurrungurr people in the Daly River region is a leading contemporary artist.


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Lorna Naparulla Fencer

Fiona Hall

Queenie McKenzie

Regina Pilawuk Wilson


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