• Granite Range Vl, by Angus Cameron
  • Rocks and Grass l by Angus Cameron
  • Cavity Tree by Talitha Kennedy
  • Tree in Hand 2, by Talitha Kennedy
  • Chatter 10, work in paper by Winsome Jobling
  • Chatter 3, detail by Winsome Jobling

This land after – this land before

04 December - 06 December 2020


Angus Cameron, Winsome Jobling, Talitha Kennedy and selected works from
Nomad Art Collections


This land after – this land before is a meeting place for the work of three artists who question our cultural ability to live within the natural environment. The exhibition offers a sensual and intellectual engagement with nature on both philosophical and aesthetic grounds.


Euroa Butter Factory, Victoria

Showing 5th – 6th December 2020


Angus Cameron makes prints and impressions on paper that reflect the environment where he lives. His works embody aesthetics found in nature echoing forms and patterns that make up the micro and macro world of plants and place. On a higher level the work questions our cultural and political histories and management of the land.


Winsome Jobling has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1981. Her printed works on paper, paper installations and sculptural forms extend traditional notions of papermaking. Her art merges contrasting elements of texture, translucence, fragility and strength. Her practice is intrinsically linked to the environment on intellectual and physical levels.


Talitha Kennedy’s work embodies an aesthetic of fecundity where creative forces ocellate between the growth and decay. Her soft leather sculptures fuse notions of plant, body, animal and land. Her hand stitched organic forms reflect our fraught relationship with the natural world, where we camouflage our contemporary selves from the cycle of death, decay and renewal.

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