• Daluk dja Binninj, etching by Bardayal Nadjamerrek (dec)
  • Djen (Fish), etching by Ezariah Kelly, 38 x 57cm
  • Malalalk – Baby Barramundi, painting by Graham Badari
  • Korlobbarr Djang, etching by Bardayal Nadjamerrek (dec)
  • Narbalek, etching by Solomon Girrabul

Art from the Stone Country

01 May - 31 May 2024

Rare and collectable works on paper from Western Arnhem


Bardayal Nadjamerrek (dec), Ezariah Kelly (dec), England Banggala (dec), Gavin Namarnyilk (dec), Graham Badari, Joe Guymala, Peter Nabarlambarl (dec).


Art from the Stone Country explores the cultural and artistic traditions from Western Arnhem. These artists and cultural custodians represent an historic group who have maintained the practice and knowledge associated of rock art painting on the Arnhem plateau for more than 40,000 years.


Western Arnhem Land is the home of the Mok Clan of the Kunwinjku people who have inhabited their lands for hundreds of generations. Their connection to the country is deeply ingrained in every aspect of life.


Kunwinjku people believe ancestral beings travelled through the country creating landmarks and places in which they continue to dwell, known as Djang (Dreaming). Accordingly, the Kunwinjku people maintain a profound and ancient visual tradition.


Paintings on rock, bark and more recently paper connect with ancient rituals, stories and spiritual associations. Rendered simply and directly with white on red ochre, these paintings narrate the soul and spirit of the Stone Country and its inhabitants.


Featuring: the acclaimed Bardayal Bim

boxed folio of ten etchings.
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And the historic Kunwarrde Bim – Injalak Hill

Suite of 12 etchings in a cloth bound box.

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