• Artist: Deborah Wurrkidj
  • Art Centre: Maningrida Arts & Culture
  • Region: Arnhem Land

Artwork Story

Deborah Wurrkidj was born in 1971 at Maningrida in north-central Arnhem Land. Her language is Kuninjku and her moiety is Dhuwa. Deborah works at Maningrida Arts & Culture and is well known for her fibre weaving, woodcarving and printmaking.


Deborah is a versatile artist who has readily adapted to new art forms while retaining strong clan traditions. Her work is tactile and intricate and illustrates the artistic innovation that has occurred in Maningrida over the last 20 years.


Deborah has exhibited nationally including the 19th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award in 2002 and is represented in a number of state collections.


Image courtesy Peter Eve