• Artist: Judy Watson
  • Art Centre:
  • Region: Queensland

Artwork Story

Judy Watson is an Aboriginal descendant of the Waanyi people of northeast Queensland who has gained wide national and international recognition. She was one of three Australian Aboriginal women artists chosen to represent Australia in the 1997 Venice Biennale.

Trained in painting and printmaking much of her art is concerned with tracing ancestral roots. Some of her activities as a printmaker could be compared with charting topographical maps in which the cultural, spiritual and historical heritage of her people is recorded, almost like a visual parable which can be interpreted on many levels. Watson’s work often explores her connection with Waanyi country, the land of her grandmother and great grandmother but she is also interested in women’s issues, political issues and the environment.

She has been involved in many projects in the NT and resided in Darwin working as an artist and lecturer at Charles Darwin University before relocating to Brisbane in 2002.

Image courtesy Peter Eve