• Artist: Fiona Hall
  • Art Centre:
  • Region: South Australia

Artwork Story

Fiona Hall is a prolific and highly regarded Australian artist. She began her career as a photographer in the 1970’s but has expanded her practice to include such diverse mediums as knitting, beading, painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, garden design and construction and costume.


Much of Hall’s work over the past 15 years has had botany and/or ethno botany as central themes, in particular the series ‘Paradisus Terrestris’ Entitled (Collection National Gallery of Victoria), in which Australian indigenous flora is aligned with scientific and Aboriginal botanical naming systems. This series led her to do extensive research into the botany and Aboriginal ethno botany of several Australian regions, including the “Top End”.


Fiona Hall is very interested in science and the role of the museum and how this institution orders language and knowledge through the creation of taxonomies she is represented in eleven State art collections nationally.