• Artist: Regina Pilawuk Wilson
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Artwork Story

Regina Wilson was born in 1948 in the Daly River region of the Northern Territory. Together with her husband, Harold Wilson, Regina founded the Peppimenarti (meaning ‘large rock’) Community as a permanent settlement for the Ngangikurrungurr people in the Daly River region, south west of Darwin in 1973. The location of the community is an important dreaming site for the Ngangikurrungurr language group and is situated amid wetlands and floodplains at the centre of the Daly River Aboriginal Reserve, 250 kilometres south-west of Darwin.

The subject matter of Regina’s works is based around the practice of weaving fibre art, and stems directly from her exceptional skills as a master weaver. Her canvases embody the strong and ancient tradition of weaving fish-nets, mats and dilly bags handed down generationally. This traditional practice has been integral in sustaining the community through its practical purpose of providing food source, as well as ceremonial usage and more recently its status of collectible fibre art.

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