• Artist: Mervyn Street
  • Art Centre: Mangkaja Arts
  • Region: Kimberley

Artwork Story

Mervyn Street is a Gooniyandi man. Gooniyandi is one of the two river groups from the country around Fitzroy Crossing. He was born at Louisa Downs Station. Mervyn speaks fl uent Gooniyandi as well as English.

Mervyn is an accomplished author, illustrator, carver and painter. He has authored a book entitled ‘Know Your Granny’ about his country and his language. He has also co-produced the book entitled ‘At The River’.

Mervyn has used his artwork extensively in the Yiyili school where he teaches his traditional language. Mervyn is an important person for art and culture in Yiyili and Pull Out Springs communities and is a former Chairman of Mangkaja. Mervyn lives with his wife June Davis at Pull Out Springs, his own community which is 190 km from Fitzroy Crossing.

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