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Artwork Story

Sandy Pascoe is a member of the Warrawarra clan. He was born in Darwin and grew up on Garramurr, an outstation on Millingimby. He had a traditional upbrining and spent much of his childhood fishing, hunting and camping.

When he was older he learned about Yolngu culture including bark painting and carving with his brother Jackie Pascoe and brother-in-law Jimmy Benbengu (deceased).

Sandy is married to Margaret Gudumurkuwuy, who is also an artist. They have three children and three grand-children. They live in Galiwin’ku on Elcho Island.

Sandy’s totem is the turtle, but he also likes painting and drawing the barramundi, which was his father’s totem. He likes singing and dancing in traditional ceremonies.

In early 2009 Sandy began making reduction wood cut prints at Elcho Island Arts with printmakers from Basil Hall Editions. The print included in the Elcho Elements exhibition depicts a traditional chest design used by Warrawarra men in initiation ceremonies.

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