• Artist: Marcus Mungal Lacey
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Artwork Story

Marcus Mungal Lacey was born in Gove in 1978. He is a member of the Gumatj clan. His mother, Megan, is a Yolngu woman and his father is from Saibai Island, one of the Islands in the Torres Strait.

Growing up, Marcus spent time with relatives in a number of homelands in North East Arnhem Land including Mata Mata and Rorruwuy where he leant traditional artforms such as painting and carving from his grandfather, uncles and cousins.

Marcus now lives in Galiwin’ku on Elcho Island with his partner Dianne and their four children. During the week Marcus works at Shepherdson College, the school in Galiwin’ku, as the Home Liaison Officer.

In his spare time Marcus carves and paints. In particular, Marcus likes to tell creations stories through his artwork, including stories about the relationships between animals and Yolngu people.

The reduction wood block included in the Elcho Elements exhibition is Marcus’ first experience of printmaking. The striking work, titled ‘Sunset’, expresses the role the sun, fire and heat play in Marcus’ life.

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