• Artist: John Wolseley
  • Art Centre:
  • Region: Victoria

Artwork Story

English born, John Wolseley ventured to Australia 1976 and has become one of the nation’s most important and cherished artists. Over forty-plus years has Wolseley has travelled and painted the continent from the deserts of central Australia to the forests of Tasmania and the tidal reaches of the far north. His watercolours, drawings, prints, and installations go to the heart of the landscape – a kind of meditation on the dynamic natural systems of which we are all part.


His vast body of work is a confluence of plants, insects, birds, scientific and cultural knowledge. Often made in collaboration with the nature, Wolseley’s works celebrate the beauty of the Australian wilderness and reflect upon both the strength and fragility of the environment.


John Wolseley joined the Nomad Art project, Djalkiri: we are standing on their names, Blue Mud Bay in 2009. He then spent the next decade collaborating with renowned Yolngu artist Mulkun Wirrpanda in a series of works depicting the food plants of Eastern Arnhem Land. This work culminated in a series of exhibitions including the National Museum of Australia.