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  • Title: Jirtaka
  • Artist: Jean Baptiste Apuatimi (dec)
  • Region: Tiwi Islands
  • Art Centre: Tiwi Design
  • Medium: Etching
  • Collection: I Am Tiwi
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 45cm
  • Edition Size: 50
  • Price ($AUD): $ 880.00

Artwork Story

Part of an important folio of ten limited edition prints by renowned Tiwi artist Jean Baptiste Apuatimi. This body of work embodies the iconic imagery produced by this important Australian artist for whom painting is an act of engagement in a culture and tradition linking the past with the present and nurturing the future.

I am Tiwi is presented in an archival boxed folio $8,800

‘Jirtaka is lovely tucker. My husband used to get that fish and bring him home. After we eat that fish we get that bone and paint him up. First black, then Jilamara (body paint design). Special design only for that one. The first painting my husband did was on that bone. I like to paint this because my husband taught me. It’s Pukumani that one. When he die they paint up that bone for ceremony. That bone he Pukumani. He body of person now in that ceremony. They put that bone in tunga during Pukumani. When I paint that I think of him. I think of him when I paint’. © Jean Baptiste Apuatimi, Tiwi Design

Drawn on the plates by the artist and printed in an edition of 50 by APW Printer Simon White at Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne, 2008.

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