• Artist: Alfonso Puautjimi
  • Art Centre: Ngaruwanajirri Inc
  • Region: Tiwi Islands

Artwork Story

Date of Birth:    16 . 11 . 1969

Dance:               Dingo

Skin Group:      Sun

Medium:            Natural ochres on Arches paper, acrylic and natural ochres on canvas, Batik on silk, lino block design and watercolour on Canson paper.


Alfonso has been painting with the Ngaruwanajirri group since 1997. Subject matter of his paintings is drawn from his environment : Tutini (pukumani poles), carved heads, figures and birds as still life groupings, local landscape including trees, boats, planes and cars and patterns. Alfonso uses bold brush strokes, generous paint application and applies black lines over broad areas of colour, finishing with dots and lines in colour. His paintwork has a strong textural textural effect.



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Supreme Court, Darwin. A Ngaruwanajirri Group exhibition. August 2006. Part of the festival of Darwin.

“All the Tiwi Mob”Short St Gallery, Broome, W.A. 3 Ngaruwanajirri artists with artists from Jilamara, Munupi and Tiwi Design. September 2006.

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“Tiwi Art” Raft Artspace, Darwin, N.T. December 2006- February 2007.

Short St Gallery, Broome, W.A. A 3 man show with natural ochre works on canvas by Alfonso, Lorna Kantilla and Estelle Munkanome. 15th June 2007.

“Yirrinkiripwaja”,A  Ngaruwanajirri Group exhibition, FAC Gallery, University of Wollongong, N.S.W. 8th – 26th October 2007.

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Lorna Kantilla, Estelle Munkanome and Alfonso Puautjimi.  Raft artspace, Darwin. 6th November to 28th November 2009.

Nomad Art, ACT  June 2010. Natural ochres on Arches paper by Alfonso Puautjimi, Estelle Munkanome and Lorna Kantilla.

Ngaruwanajirri@Outstation , Parap, N.T. June 2010. Natural ochres on canvas and Arches paper by Alfonso, Estelle Munkanome and Lorna Kantilla.

“Arampini: Artists from the Tiwi islands” 8th July-11th August 2010. Ngaruwanajirri artists and artists from Munupi Arts (Melville island) Natural ochres on Arches paper. NAS Gallery, National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Kapala . Short St Gallery, Broome, WA. Alfonso works on paper with works by other Ngaruwanajirri artists. August 2010.

No Words Necessary.  New Tiwi works by Conrad Tipungwuti, Estelle Munkanome, Alfonso Puautjimi.            20th October to 20th November 2010. Suzanne O`Connell Gallery, Australian Indigenous Art, Newfarm, Queensland.

Raft artspace Christmas show. 10th December 2010. Raft artspace, Alice Springs, N.T. with works by Alfonso, Estelle Munkanome and Lorna Kantilla.

`Ngaruwanajirri : helping one another` Charles Darwin University Art Gallery, Casuarina, NT.  10th August to 7th October 2011. A retrospective exhibition of works by all Ngaruwanajirri artists.



Art Collection at the Batchelor Institute, Batchelor, N.T.  Natural ochres on Linen.

Lam Collection, University of San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, USA. Natural ochre paintings on Arches paper.

Charles Darwin University Art Collection, Casuarina, Darwin, NT.  Natural ochres on Arches paper.

©  Ngaruwanajirri Inc, Nguiu, Bathurst Island, N.T.