• Artist: Lillian Kerinaiua
  • Art Centre: Ngaruwanajirri Inc
  • Region: Tiwi Islands

Artwork Story

BIRTHDATE:      22 . 9 . 1959

DANCE:     Shark

SKINGROUP:     Sun (Warnarringa)

WORKSHOP:      Ngaruwanajirri Inc, Nguiu, Bathurst Island N.T.


Reduction lino block printing on paper using three colours.

Watercolour paints on watercolour paper

Batik on silk

Natural ochres on Arches paper and on canvas

Lillian has been working with the Ngaruwanajirri  group since 1994.

When using watercolour paints the effect Lillian gets is brilliant as she has a love of bright contrasting colours. Her work with natural ochres is very original with organic lines and shapes, highly patterned with dots and lines. The resulting paintings are individual and rich in colour and pattern.


“Works on Paper” Art Back Nets- Travelling exhibition  1996-2000.

“Ngawamantawi”- Indigenart (Mossenson Gallery ) Subiaco, W.A. June-July 1998.

National Aboriginal Art Award  N.T. Art Gallery 1996

Artist in Residence – Batchelor Institute Indigenous Tertiary Education. Batchelor N.T. February  2000.

“ Good Food, Sea Food “ Art Back Nets- Travelling Exhibition. 2000-2004.

“Tayikuwapi”-Ngaruwanajirri Group Exhibition , Coomalie Cultural Centre, Batchelor N.T. August – September 2002

“Ngaruwanajirri”  Group Exhibition of four artists. Aboriginal and Pacific Art ,Sydney December 2002.

Artist in Residence Exhibition  – Coomalie Cultural Centre, Batchelor N.T. April- July 2003.

“Ngaruwanajirri Yirrara” –Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney November- December 2003

“Warnarringa” _ Group Exhibition of three women artists- Alison Kelly Gallery, Prahan , Victoria.   October-November 2004.

The Batchelor Collection. An  exhibition of works from the Art Collection at Batchelor Institute at the Darwin Supreme Court, September 2004.

“Ngaruwanajirri 2005” works on paper. Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney 26 November- 10 December 2005.

“Jarrumwani”  ( Tracks)    Alison Kelly Gallery,  Melbourne, Victoria. 20th April  2006.

Supreme Court Darwin. A Ngaruwanajirri Group Exhibition.  August 2006. Part of the 2006 Festival of Darwin (sponsored by the Darwin City Council)

“Ngaruwanajirri Yikurri” Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney, N.S.W. 29th November-20th December 2007. natural ochres on paper and Canvas.

Ngaruwanajirri- New Works. Alison Kelly Gallery, Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria 12th March to 12th April 2008. Natural ochres on Arches paper.

“Tokwampini” Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney, N.S.W. An exhibition of paintings & Carvings from Ngaruwanajirri

“Arampini: Artists from the Tiwi islands” NAS Gallery, National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney. 8th July-11th August 2010. Natural ochre paintings on Arches paper

Kapala , Short St Gallery, Broome, WA. August 2010.

Ngaruwanajirri: helping one another“ Charles Darwin University Art Gallery, Casuarina, NT. 10th August to 7th October 2011. A retrospective exhibition of works by all Ngaruwanajirri artists.


Family Court, Melbourne, Victoria.

Parliament House in Canberra,

Batchelor College Art Collection, Batchelor, N.T. Natural ochres on Arches paper.

Charles Darwin University Art Collection, Casuarina, Darwin, N.T. Two natural ochre Paintings on Arches paper.