Tales of the Avians is a visual carnival of warm-blooded, egg-laying, vertebrate animals with feathered wings, three primary and one accessory toe, keen sight, acute hearing, little sense of smell, hollow bones, a gizzard and the extraordinary ability to fly and sing.
Well-known Darwin artists Bryan Bulley, Rob Brown and Monique Auricchio are joined by remote Indigenous artists Janice Murray from Melville Island, Peggy Jones from Tennant Creek and Nura Rupert from Central Australia. The collection includes etchings and screenprints created by a group of eclectic artists linked by a common interest in birds and a unique creative vision. The works embody the cultural and geographical diversity and distinctive spirit, which characterises art from northern and central Australia.
Presented by Nomad Art Productions in conjunction with Basil Hall Editions, the exhibition is part of the Festival of Darwin August 2007

Tales of the Avians Artworks

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Photos from the event

Rob Brown and Basil Hall at the printing press at Basil Hall Editions Darwin.
Artist Peggy Jones during the print workshop at Julalikari Arts in Tennant Creek.