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  • Title: Home at Mulga Camp
  • Artist: Dion Beasley
  • Region: Tennant Creek
  • Art Centre: Independent artist
  • Medium: Hand coloured silkscreen
  • Collection:
  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 56 cm
  • Edition Size: 30
  • Price ($AUD): $ 195

Artwork Story

Trouble, Ralph and Bessie, (favourite dogs of Dion’s, which feature in many of his drawings) are currently living in house two at Mulga Camp. Following a fight between Ralph and Trouble (brown & white dogs), Trouble is now sporting two floppy ears which were previously upright and pointy. Becky, one of three female dogs lives at Grandad’s House, number six. The other (un-coloured) dogs are drawn outside their respective houses. Dion visits Mulga Camp daily and is greeted with great enthusiasm by a great many of the dogs. This is partly due to the fact he carries a bag of meaty treats.


Dion Beasley loves to draw dogs, their interactions, and the world around them. Dion’s humorous observations capture the character and relationships of the animals and situations he draws. ‘A Dogs Life’ is the latest body of prints produced by this unique Tennant Creek artist, editioned by Franck Gohier, Red Hand Studios, Darwin.

© Dion Beasley 2013

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