• Artist: Alan Joshua Jnr
  • Art Centre: Ngukurr Arts
  • Region: Arnhem Land

Artwork Story

Skin Name:  Bulandj

Clan:  Marawalwal

Place:   Mangajarra

Language:   Wandarrang & Mara

Alan Joshua Jnr lives with his wife and two children at Ngukurr.  He was born in 1965.  He has painted since 1996 and currently sells his paintings through Ngukurr Arts.  He has learnt to paint by watching and learning from senior men.  In the past he has preferred to paint in traditional colours and styles but over time has developed his own unique approach to his art.


Alan’s paintings often feature bold, vibrant colours with a contemporary feel, yet he has retained his sense of tradition to create a distinctive mix of the new and old.  His paintings reflect his love and understanding of country and Aboriginal way.  Through his paintings we learn about bush tucker, the animals and their habitats around us and how they link with his culture


In 2007 Alan began using his art as an expression of his feelings about current social issues faced by people living in his community.  He hopes to raise social awareness with his stories and record current Aboriginal history through his art, so that future generations will learn about Aboriginal life as it is lived today.


Alan is very pro-active in his community and outside, he has been a director of Ngukurr Arts for many years and its chairman for 3, He is also a director of ANKAAA (Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem aboriginal artists an of Mimi arts based in Katherine, he also recently successfully completed ANKAAA’s arts worker extension program which saw him travelling interstate to many of the large art galleries and museums around Australia

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