• Artist: Wally Wilfred
  • Art Centre: Ngukurr Arts
  • Region: Arnhem Land

Artwork Story

Skin Name:         Wamut        

Clan:                   Wagilak                   

Language:          Wagilak       

Place :                 Mountain Valley                        

D.O.B.                 01/01/1958


Wally first started painting at Ngukurr Art during 2003.  He is a member of the proud artistic family the Wilfred’s. His grandfather was the artist Sambo Barra Barra. And the Wilfreds are very active with culture, dancing and music within their community.

He paints many of themes that were painted by his grandfather, the Devil Devil, coffin logs and bones


He grew up living on one of the outstations surrounding Ngukurr and only came to live in Ngukurr when he was a young man.


Wally recently became the Chairman of Ngukurr Arts and is very proactive in working and looking after the Art Centre.


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