• Artist: Rosie Ngwarri Ross
  • Art Centre: Artists of Ampilatwatja
  • Region: Central Desert

Artwork Story

Rosie was born out bush near Amaroo Station, in Alyawarr country, Central Australia. Her Mother, now passed, was one of the original artists in the Utopian Batik movement.

Rosie, who possesses a wonderful use of colour, especially likes to paint bush medicine and wild flowers from the surrounding areas. Her Daughter Margaret Kemarre Ross is also an artist and has inherited a similar style, bright, beautiful and expressive.

Rosie’s designs are also hand stitched into w0olen cushion covers in Kashmir through a cross cultural and economic exchange between Art Centres in the Anangu Pitjanjatjara Yankunytjajara Lands (APY Lands) in Central Australia and Srinagar artists in Kashmir. This is facilitated by Better World Arts.