• Winsome Jobling collecting sedge in Avenel Victoria
  • Winsome Jobling paper making workshop at Nomad Art, 2022
  • Network, drypoint on handmade paper by Winsome Jobling
  • Chatter #10, work in paper by Winsome Jobling
  • Chatter #2, print on handmade paper by Winsome Jobling 
  • The Wet, etching on handmade paper by Winsome Jobling 
  • Groundswell, Work in paper by Winsome Jobling

Winsome Jobling

01 April - 30 April 2022


Winsome Jobling has 40 years’ experience turning natural fibres into fabulous two and three-dimensional art. She has exhibited nationally including a retrospective exhibition at the Northern Territory Museum in 2016 and regular solo exhibitions at Nomad Art Gallery.


Winsome recently conducted a paper making workshop at Nomad Art Studio in Avenel. During the workshop people learnt how to choose suitable plant fibres, how to process them and form sheets of paper with a mould and deckle. They then expanded upon that skill turning the paper pulp into patterns and imagery through the paper making process. The outcome of the workshop was a series of unique and beautiful papers incorporating designs, stencils and water marks.


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  • Brachychiton – Nanungguwa, etching by Fional Hall
  • Birrkuda, etching & screen print by Mulkun Wirrpanda (dec)
  • Guyamala (the naming of the fishes), linocut by Banduk Marika (dec)
  • Fertile, etching by Winsome Jobling
  • Awarrapun – Crocodile Design, etching by Aaron McTaggart
  • Untitled (two plate), etching by Karen Mills

Focus on Basil Hall Editions

01 March - 31 March 2022


Basil Hall has been working with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists since 1983. For 16 years, he was based in Darwin where he and a group of experienced printmakers made prints with many hundreds of artists from over 55 Art Centres in Central Australia, Arnhem Land, the Tiwi Islands and the Kimberley area of Western Australia and southeast Asia.


In 2001 he established Basil Hall Editions (BHE), which has since initiated some of the most exciting art projects carried out in remote communities throughout Australia.


BHE is a centre of printmaking excellence, providing expert assistance to artists who wish to collaborate in the making of etchings, silkscreen prints, relief prints and collagraphs. Basil is now based in Canberra, where he has a print studio and workshop.


Basil Hall has worked closely with Nomad Art since 2005,
collaborating on numerous projects including:


Yalangbara Suite

Replant: A new Generation of Botanical art

Custodians: Country and Culture

Djalkiri: we are standing on their names – Blue Mud Bay

Winsome Jobling

Aaron McTaggert

Karen Mills


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