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This land after – this land before

  Angus Cameron, Winsome Jobling, Talitha Kennedy and selected works from Nomad Art Collections   This land after – this land before is a meeting place for the work of three artists who question our cultural ability to live within the natural environment. The exhibition offers a sensual and intellectual engagement with nature on both philosophical […]

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Inner Worlds II

  Marlene Rabuntja, Marjorie Keighran, Stewart Hoosan, Dion Beasley and Ray James Tjangala   This month we continue to explore the imaginative world of artists who are celebrated for their distinctive personal styles. These works take us on a visual journey through memories and observations of people who live across Australia. They draw us into a […]

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Inner Worlds

  Dulcie Sharpe, Monique Auricchio,  Malaluba Gumana (dec), John Wolseley   This month we are looking into the imaginative world of the artist. Inner Worlds presents artists who are celebrated for their distinctive personal styles. These works take us on a journey through memories and observations to tell us stories of animals, places and emblematic […]

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Tiwi Focus

  Jean Baptiste Apuatimi (dec), Maria Josette Orsto, Raelene Kerinauia and Janice Murray are senior Tiwi artists of national repute. Each has forged a distinct style within the artistic traditions of their culture. This group of women have also been leaders in their art centres and prolific, consistent and innovative artists and printmakers over many […]

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Influential Women

  Lorna Naparulla Fencer (dec), Fiona Hall, Queenie McKenzie (dec), Regina Pilawuk Wilson.   Influential Women is the first of our new series that profiles key artists from the Nomad Art Collection. Each month we will curate a small group of selected artists who have made many outstanding prints.   Each of these women are prolific and highly regarded Australian […]

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Manifest: selected prints from the Nomad Art Collection

  Curated by Angus Cameron   #InThisTogether2020   The works selected for this online exhibition are drawn from over 120 exhibitions and projects Nomad Art has produced over 15 years and celebrates the unique culture and heritage of cross-cultural Australia. The works are essentially personal favourites; a director’s cut if you like and a reflection […]

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Animal Studies by Monique Auricchio

  Monique Auricchio has developed a reputation based on a combination of highly developed printing skills and imaginative imagery. Her work examines human perceptions of animals, often using shadow and dark tones to emphasise the threatening or foreboding elements of the relationship.   Monique Auricchio’s art is often whimsical and theatrical, creating dreamlike images in […]

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