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  • Title: Ngarduk Kured (My Country)- Sold out
  • Artist: Helen Lanyinwanga
  • Region: Arnhem Land
  • Art Centre: Babbarra Women's Centre
  • Medium: Silkscreen on cotton drill
  • Collection: Babbarra Designs
  • Dimensions: 140 cm wide
  • Price ($AUD): $140 per metre

Artwork Story

“My design is of the Kunbad (rocks) at the Kunwarrde (stone country). I call this country mother. These rocks live at the bottom of the kunronj (fresh water)- some are old, some are cracked and some are soft. The kunronj runs over the stones, and when we drink this water it tastes sweet and fresh” Helen Lanyinwanga


This design depicts the stone country near Yikarrakkal, which is the artist’s mother’s traditional country and from the duwa moiety. It is country filled with important sacred sites and living spirits. This country has very powerful forces, with spirits living under the river bed hiding among the rocks. The yibba frog can poison people who disobey traditional law and step on this country. The yawkyawk has the ability to call and sing people who walk on her country, and make them loose their mind or fall asleep forever.


Silkscreen print on cotton drill, (four screen design)

140 cm wide
Multiple panels on a continuous length. Each panel is 70 cm.
$140 per metre

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