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  • Title: Kun-wadde dja Manyawok (Rocks and Cheeky Yam)
  • Artist: Susan Marawarr
  • Region: Arnhem Land
  • Art Centre: Babbarra Women's Centre
  • Medium: Silkscreen on cotton drill or linen
  • Collection: Babbarra Designs
  • Dimensions: 140 cm
  • Price ($AUD): $140 per metre

Artwork Story

This design depicts the Karrbarda (long yam) on the artists traditional country, the Kunwardde (stone country).


The large stones represent the kunwardde rocky outcrops, which are elevated above the flat floodplains. The vines creeping around the large rocks are from karrbarda. Women dig up karrbarda with kunkarndudj (digging sticks) and they are cooked in the ashes of the fire to be eaten.


These yams are purple on the saltwater side of country and white on the inland freshwater side.  Karrbarda are an important manme (bush food) that are collected during the wet and dry seasons.


Silkscreen print on drill (2 colours) $120 per metre 150 cm wide
Silkscreen print on linen (3 colours) $140 per metre 140 cm wide

Multiple panels on a continuous length. Each panel is 70 cm.

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