• Yúbburr yubburr: Dusk at the Euroa Butter Factory
  • Janet Marawarr, Ingrid Johanson and Tally Brian
  • Deborah Wurrkidj, Manwak - Mumeka Blooms
  • Opening event
  • Susan Marawarr, Mandjabu - fish trap
  • Janet Marawarr, Kun kurra (spiral wind)
  • Deborah Wurrkidj, Wak Wak - Black Crow Dreaming
  • Raylene Bonson, Wurridj - Paperbark Canoe

Yúbburr-yubburr: Dusk

06 December - 08 December 2019


Nomad Art in conjunction with Bábbarra Women’s Centre and Euroa Butter Factory present Yúbburr-yubburr: Dusk


Yúbburr-yubburr: Dusk brings together well-known female artists from the Kuninjku homelands of Arnhem Land. Their colourful and expressive hand printed fabrics integrate time-honoured traditions of art making with contemporary imagery.


Deborah Wurrkidj, Jennifer Wurrkidj, Susan Marawarr, Janet Marawarr, Raylene Bonson, Elizabeth Kala Kala and Melba Gunjarrwanga, are women of the stone country who work with Babbarra Designs.


These women have formed the backbone of a generation of Kuninjku artists since the 1990s. They continue to forge a path for women in their community and push the boundaries of their creative practice.


Yúbburr-yubburr refers to the light just after sundown or ‘dusk’, referencing the pallet of colours the Babbarra artists use to print their fabrics. The colours remind the women of the light and hues from the sun in nature.


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